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Professional Drama, CV

Thank you for checking in!

I have actually started in a new position March 2018 but if you want to browse my CV and contact me, feel free!

I am interested in marketing positions preferably in tourism. But having said that, I am also really interested in destination management company positions and sales. I am currently living in Tampere, Finland, but I am open to the idea of moving abroad. I have lived in Australia and Ireland so my English is fluent.

What I can offer your company:

  • My full attention
  • I am an independent worker who asks if something is unclear
  • Interesting ideas for social media reach
  • Catchy content for websites and social media
  • Laughter and happiness

Are you looking to add laughter and good times to your team and working hours? Let me tell you more about myself: I am Heli and yes, I have a travel and lifestyle blog. I like to express myself through writing. Also, my blog gives me a chance to explore the world of marketing, SEO and analytics without damaging anyone (but me). But before I make you read all my babblings you can check my CV and decide if you want to continue reading: CV Heli Rontu English. (Finnish CV here: CV Heli Rontu.)

Header image and this one by Laura Vanzo.

For my young age I have managed to get around: I have been a museum guide, a postwoman, a receptionist at a hotel and a marketing specialist at Tampere. I have worked at a local tourist information and done international marketing for Visit Tampere. I have also fixed cars and at the moment I work in B2B telesales for Finland’s biggest teleoperator.

As you know by looking at my resume (which I am aware that you may not have done) I am also a professional in tourism. I finished my degree in Tourism in June 2016 having landed a job in the field of tourism while still in school. I have learned most I know through work but school did teach me some attention to detail. I did my thesis for Suntours about round trips for young adults, and got a grade of 4/5.

The people you work with are the people you spend most of your time with. And what have my ex-colleagues said about me? They said ”anyone would be happy to have you”.

Do I sound like someone you are looking for?


Ways to contact me:
via email helih.rontu@hotmail.com
via phone +358 40 772 1423