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Hotel recommendation: Point A Hotels in London

A while ago I came back from a fortnight trip to the UK where I stayed at two different Point A Hotels in London. I ended up booking them solely based on budget and location. I’ve stayed at such awful places, quality is only a nice plus nowadays. The most important aspect of travelling for me is budget – it’s not like I want to save years for next travels!

Good Sleeps in Modern Surrounding

Both Point A Hotel King’s Cross St. Pancrass and Point A Hotel Paddington had just been renovated. The rooms were identical, both of good quality and spacious enough especially for only one person.

Point A Hotel
Point A Hotel
The “box” on the wall opens up to be a small working station. Handy!

The King’s Cross location was calmer: don’t know if it’s due to Paddington station but at Paddington there was much more noise from the street and some trembling a few times an hour. Like a passing train would cause the ground to shake? Whatever it was, it was slightly disturbing since I am a really light sleeper. Also the insulation seemed not as good compared to King’s Cross.

The rooms had all amenities necessary: a little working station, hair dryer and safety deposit boxes. Showers had shower gel and such, rooms had free WIFI. Nothing much but enough what you expect as minimum.

Point A Hotel
At check in I got coupons for each morning’s breakfast.

Casual Atmosphere of Point A Hotels in London

King’s Cross location is a 7 floor building, Paddington is 4 floors. I happened to stay on the 4th floor in both of them. The view from King’s Cross is much nicer though. There are more Point A Hotels in London, and I am excited to test them all and find my favourite!

Location of both hotels is pure gold: a couple hundred meters to Tube station, great Tube lines and train connections. I don’t use London buses so I can’t really take a stand on those. From Gatwick Airport it is easier to arrive to King’s Cross because the route requires one Tube line only (via London Bridge and Northern Line).

Customer service at both hotels was superb. At King’s Cross I was immediately asked which coffee I preferred and it was brought to me with a smile. At Paddington I was always greeted when entering the hotel. There was no breakfast at Paddington yet but they will have it by March. From what I gathered, it is the same as in King’s Cross. And that’s good ‘cos it was a really nice breakfast!

Point A Hotel
Point A Hotel

Breakfast included baked goods, different yogurts, cereals, fruits, granolas, porridge, bread and boiled eggs. Good enough for me! Such a good start to the day. The only thing I was missing a bit was tomate/cucumber/some veggie on top of my bread.

The breakfast felt good enough for a vegetarian but I wouldn’t necessarily call it vegan friendly. My favourite thing was a basil & pesto pastry roll.

Point A Hotels in London were so good, that I think I’ll make these my basecamp in London. Not that they’re anything too special, but really good quality for a budget traveller and the locations are just perfect. Out of these two, King’s Cross was my favourite mainly because of the quiet area and closeness to Camden Town.

Do you have a favourite hotel in London you always return to?

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