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Dinner by Heston – and cracking that egg!

I absolutely looove Heston Blumenthal. His food theatrics are to die for. For years I’ve wanted to experience some first hand instead of just TV, and finally last September got the chance for it. We went to London with my friend and booked a table from Dinner by Heston – and I was so excited!

Dinner by Heston is Heston’s more affordable restaurant. He has his most famous restaurant The Fat Duck outside of London but I haven’t yet eaten there. Hopefully some day I’ll have the money for it..

Dinner by Heston is a 2-Michelin star restaurant. Half a bottle of champagne and a 3-course meal cost one person about £130. Not bad in my opinion for this quality!

I have never been this happy entering a restaurant than I was here. I almost felt starstruck when dishes I know from Masterchef Australia appeared on the plate in front of me. And you can imagine how I felt when we were offered ice cream made next to us with liquid nitrogen

Loving every second of a 3-course meal at Dinner by Heston

Dinner by Heston
Meat Fruit: chicken liver parfait in the shape of mandarin. Deceptive, but not a mandarin nor a clementine.
Dinner by Heston
Pigeon with the most_amazing_sauce I’ve had in my life. I’m a vegetarian nowadays, but could still go back to this.
Dinner by Heston
Star of the night: Eggs in Verjuice. Coconut pannacotta, white chocolate bird’s egg and lemon curd. Tasted coffee too. Surprisingly the bird’s nest was one of the best tastes on the plate!
Dinner by Heston


All in all, Dinner by Heston is not money wasted. Might make a big gap on your holiday budget but so worth it.

Have you ever eaten at a Michelin-starred restaurant? Did it match your expectations or leave you disappointed?

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