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Lifestyle To Rescue!

Last updated on December 29, 2018

Ever since I was diagnosed with neurasthenia I’ve payed extra attention to my lifestyle and everyday habits. I pay attention to things that make me feel good and repeat them. I also wanted some professional opinions and tips on how to improve my lifestyle, so I reached for help from a wellness coach and an ayurveda sapecialist.

I have been a pescetarian since pretty much the start of this year and that has already helped me with my energy levels. I have also tried to concentrate on my diet a lot: good fats, nuts and seeds, salads, omelets, organic.. Good food made with no restrictions but from healthy ingredients. That works – I don’t deny anything from myself but have some sense in what I eat.

I asked Anna-Maria for some help with my day-to-day nutrition: she went through everything I eat and I expected to get tips on what to emphasize in order to feel a bit more energetic. But I got so much more. She gave me tips on everyday routines that have (in just a week!) cleared my thoughts, my gut and my (excuse me if I sound silly) aura.

Daily Exercise Routine

I have taken calm 15 minute walks every morning, when the air is still crisp and the sun is just rising. I leave my phone at home, look at trees and try to think about my breathing. I keep my shoulders back and smile if I feel like it. Yes, I’ve gotten some weird looks in my direction because I am usually so tired when leaving the house that I don’t change clothes when I leave. A girl in her pyjamas wearing a blue jacket is apparently a rare sight to many.

Autumn eveningLoving the autumn colours of my nearby park <3

After work, straight when I come home, I put on some meditation/yoga music and do some calm yoga and breathing for 15-30 minutes. This really takes my head off work stuff and gives me energy and inspiration for the rest of the evening. At the moment I work for two companies, the other full-time and the other hourly based. I am still trying to find a rhythm that works for me but I’m getting there. And these short routines have helped a lot with time management!

If I feel like it, I take longer walks in nature. Those I usually leave for the weekends when I have more free time and much more energy.

New Nutrition Routines

Smoothies – I have had smoothies for years now, but now I actually concentrate on what I put in them. I must admit that most of the time they are not delish. That’s my next challenge to overcome! Luckily I’m not a picky eater.

Smoothies used to cause me feeling bloated and gassy. Anna-Maria asked me about it, and guided me to add only 2 fruits in my smoothies, of which 1 would be avocado. Also chewing the smoothie would help. And it did! I was amazed after a few days of having smoothies and feeling perfectly fine afterwards.

Turmeric porridge

Turmeric porridge – my new favourite. Many evenings I ease my coming morning by making overnight oats. I warm the oats in the morning just to room temperature and add spices then too. They become too overpowering for my taste if I add them in the evening. Porridges and overnight oats are my favourite way of getting rid of seeds, milk or different vegetable milks. You can put in your porridge pretty much anything and it will taste good.

My biggest nutrition changes started this week. I went to ayurveda consultation last week and got a list of ingredients that I should avoid/favor. Most of my favorites are on the avoid side of the list, obviously. But no can do. After following the ayurveda eating for a month, I will do a follow-up here!

SmoothieGreen smoothie with avocado, pear and green mix. Not recommendable but pretty.

Do you have some daily routines that you couldn’t miss, and when you do miss them, you feel like you shouldn’t have? 

PS. I’m going to I Love Me at Helsinki Messukeskus on Sunday 21.10. Are you coming too? 🙂

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