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Neurasthenia: From Tired To Really Tired

Last updated on December 29, 2018

As you may have noticed, I’ve been quiet here for a while now. A few months to be exact. I have a solid reason: I’ve been tired. Like really really tired. I was diagnosed with neurasthenia in the summer. I’ve been going to doctors’ appointments for years now and they have not even tried to figure out what could be wrong with me – just said that “you’re young, there’s nothing wrong with you”.

Well, finally I met a doctor who took me seriously and a neurologist diagnosed me with neurasthenia. In short, I have a nerve disfunction that’s causing me tiredness, joint aches, back pains, eye sight problems, concentration problems, shortness of breath, feeling extremely cold 24/7… and what not. Basically every day is a bit of a struggle to get through. I’ve changed jobs, I’ve travelled less, my social life has gone from exciting to almost non-existent. (Though my cats are happy to have me at home.)


I am however really happy I got the diagnosis. Just knowing that I don’t need to try pushing when I simply don’t have energy for it gives me such relief. And I am not planning any trips now, it’s more important to concentrate on my current state. (Obviously since I can’t take it too easy, I am going through a tiny renovation in my appartment..)

“You’re young, there’s nothing wrong with you.”


So what next? I decided to reach for help and got nutrition guidance by Anna-Maria Kasanen and ayurveda consultation by Surya. I will leave these to another post since they are both big topics.

Survival Tips for Neurasthenia

I believe that your own actions in life and lifestyle matter a lot when it comes to recovery, over all health and mental health. Why would we believe that pills developed by Western medicine during the past 30 years work better than Indian and Chinese medicine that’s been here for thousands of years? 

My everyday habits include reading a book, taking my time doing things, giving myself permit to be “lazy”, being merciful to myself. If I don’t have the energy for it, I won’t do it. Obviously I need to go to work everyday, do the mandatory things, but everything else can wait if it has to. There’s no rush to do anything, and you know what? Multitasking is the biggest load of BS there is. Honestly, concentrating on one thing at a time will give you better results AND you get to keep your sanity. Ugh, I have spoken.


Exercise is pretty much off limits at the moment for me; I am not allowed to strain myself. I do however do some yoga and short walks in nature because those feel to heal me. Anything that would make me sweat and feel uncomfortable are a big no-no. But I do love my short yogas and walks in parks – in another post I will tell you how those have helped me.

So, that’s how I’ve been! Maybe from now on I will post something more regularly. Fingers crossed. How have you been?

Have you ever heard of this disease? A nerve disease that could cause such variety of random symptoms? Do you know anyone who is diagnosed with neurasthenia?

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