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Road Trip in Tasmania

Last updated on December 29, 2018

Seems like a lifetime ago but it is only less than 7 years since I went on a road trip in Tasmania. We started from Brisbane, flew to Launceston from Melbourne and went back to Brisbane via Sydney. We spent 5 days in Tasmania, driving our rental 1990’s Wicked campervan that was also our home for those days. Our group contained of three girls: Finnish, Irish and French. Interesting times lied ahead as we headed out of Brisbane…

Beaches, oh the beaches

I was not expecting beaches in Tasmania. I thought the island would be cold and dark and covered in forest. To my surprise, Tasmania had beautiful beaches, rocks and waterfalls in addition to forests. It was cold though, very cold. Something like +10-15 celsius during November and that is supposed to be their start of summer.

Road trip in TasmaniaMuirs Beach

As you can see, most beaches we visited are rocky. After spending time in Gold Coast and Stradbroke Island we were happy with the change. Tasmania does have sandy beaches too, though! I’m sure I’ve heard of at least one. The only sandy beach we went to is Bay Of Fires (header image) – the sand was so coarse it actually hurt our bare feet!

Road trip in Tasmania
Pirates Bay

Road trip in Tasmania
Bay of Fires

Rocky Forest Sceneries

This is what I expected of Tasmania. Dark green colours, waterfalls, lots of fern. We went on a small walk to St Columba Falls lookout and were not disappointed! The falls are 90-metres high and the hike there is paved so really anyone can go. The crowds in all the places we went to were not bad which was lovely. I like to explore sights without too many tourists so Tasmania was really the perfect location for this – calm and collected!

Road trip in TasmaniaSt Columba Falls 

Road trip in Tasmania
Devil’s Kitchen is probably the most impressive place we visited.

Animal Sightings in Tasmania

Road trip in TasmaniaThis little cutie-pie is a Quoll, probably just a little baby!

We didn’t see Tasmanian Devil but many other creatures we did! Wallabies being my favourite, obviously. At Wineglass Bay lookout and the parking lot which is the starting point of the short hike, we encountered the most memorable moment with wildlife: a wallabi with a little Joey in her pouch! So used to people she let us pet her and if I remember correctly, I fed her nuts. I don’t know if wallabies are supposed to eat nuts but she seemed happy with them.

Road trip in Tasmania
Notice the little Joey!

Road trip in Tasmania

Highlights of Our Road Trip in Tasmania

Definitely the wallabi at Wineglass Bay was one of the most memorable moments during our road trip in Tasmania. But for some reason, the only location name I could remember without digging into my old photos and folders, was Pirates Bay. Filled with purple and lilac rocks and sea shells, it was just too pretty. Main highlight of our road trip in Tasmania would have to be nature in all its beauty.

Road trip in Tasmania
I have this photo in a large frame at home, the colours nature can create are unreal.

Our small hikes. We didn’t do any massive hikes since we were not equipped for them (Converse, ballerinas…) but to Wineglass Bay lookout we could manage walking to without any proper gear. There was probably a longer hike to another lookout, or to the beach at the bay, but that was like 3h return. We didn’t even consider but if I go back some day and the weather is nice, this hike would be perfect. The sceneries, again, are extremely beautiful.

Road trip in Tasmania
Wineglass Bay Lookout

The most disgusting part of our trip was probably the food. I don’t remember eating during the road trip??! I do remember canned spaghetti, and even found a picture. Trust me, if you’re not 19 and broke and living off holy spirit and enthusiasm, this diet won’t keep you energized enough. I don’t think we ate anything else but canned spaghetti, yack.

Road trip in Tasmania

The van. This form of travelling in Tasmania I can highly recommend! So much fun and so exciting! Has all the ingredients for amazing death-bed-stories for when you’re old, the situations this van can put you in are one of a kind.

Pro tip: Anywhere where it doesn’t say “No camping” are ok to park your van for the night. 

Driving in the sceneries of Tasmania was amazing. We went through a rainforest, camped on beaches, had picnics by the ocean. We met a local fisherman gutting a fish on the rocks of Bay of Fires, attended a random house party and played Finnish heavy metal and Judas Priest there, and one of us got scared by a “bear in the woods”. There was no bear.

Road trip in Tasmania

All in all, my times in Tasmania were filled with love, laughter and happiness. Amazing memories shared, amazing sceneries driven in, amazing experiences. If you ever get the chance and want to experience a different side to Australia, a road trip in Tasmania is something not everyone has experienced!

Road trip in Tasmania

In a few days I will post our route in Tasmania as well as I can remember and some photos that I couldn’t fit into this post but that I still want to share with you.

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