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Budget Food in Glasgow

Last updated on December 29, 2018

Looking for budget bites in Glasgow? I spent a weekend in Glasgow and survived with a surprisingly small amount of money. Budget food in Glasgow is as easy to find as everywhere else in the UK: just don’t go anywhere that looks too posh and check the menu by the doorpost. These are my tips from my weekend!

Budget Bites For Lunch

Two amazing options for this one: Mezzidakia or Òran Mór. Guess which one is Scottish?

For less than £10 in both of these places we ate amazingly well! Drinks were not included but lemme just say that £16 for a bottle of really good white wine to share is not bad. So that is my drink tip to Mezzidakia! Òran Mór calls for Bulmers being more a pub.

Budget food in GlasgowMezzidakia in Glasgow city centre

Mezzi plates for lunch in Mezzidakia: TAKE ME BACK HERE NOW, PLEASE. For £10 I got a grilled halloumi salad, flatbread with hummus and creamy ouzo and mustard laced Shetland mussels (with bread to dip in to the sauce!). My god, was I happy. My company was forced to listen to my continious sighing. If you don’t have a reason to visit Glasgow, you do now.

Budget food in GlasgowMy mezzi plates and personal yam-moment of the vacation.

Òran Mór is an old church turned into a restaurant pub. During nighttime also a rather popular pub, and by rather popular I mean really popular. I was in Glasgow during some festival so the experience during the day was anything but church-like.

I love trying traditional local treats. Luckily, Scotland’s traditional food also falls into the category of budget food in Glasgow: haggis. Made of the unwanted parts of meat this delicacy is highly recommendable. I’m a pesco-vegetarian but still, I try local when I get a chance. Global warming won’t get any worse by my random occasional meat eating.

Budget food in GlasgowHaggis, Neeps and Tatties

Budget Bites for Dinner

I have two options here: really traditional and cliché or sharing platters with a friend. Well, not exactly sharing platters but many entrés to share.

Traditional: Fish & chips. Need I say more, I don’t think so.

Budget food in GlasgowFish & Chips at Islay Inn.

On my last night we decided on 10 10 and while we were not planning to share many entrés, the menu of them was simply so good we ended up taking some of our own and sharing some. I got battered king prawns with sweet chili sauce, a ceaser salad and tacos to share. My friend got buffalo wings and a house salad. Fed us well and everything was good! And the place itself was lovely and the service even better.

Budget food in Glasgow

My Favourite Budget Food in Glasgow

Safe to say, my favourite was Mezzidakia’s mussels. But let’s not forget my all time favourite dessert that has not landed in Finland for a reason that is beyond my understanding because this dessert should be everywhere in the world: sticky toffee pudding. We had our last dinner at 10 10 and I made sure they had my favourite dessert, the real reason for choosing this restaurant. Lucky for me, they did. And it was sooooo good. Overly sweet as always, with a ball of ice cream and amazing toffee sauce. Food heaven.

Budget food in Glasgow

One of my favourites may be surprising but another traditional Scottish delicacy: oat porridge. My hotel stay didn’t include breakfast and on my first morning my friend guided me to Kelvingrove Café across the corner from my hotel. I went every morning for the salty porridge with berries. It’s what I eat at home for breakfast and there is nothing better than well-made oat porridge in the morning.

Budget food in Glasgow

I was rather surprised by the food in Glasgow. I know my friend is reason enough to visit again, but seriously I could go back just for the food. Go, taste, fall in love, and eat some more! I can highly recommend all these places for some really good budget food in Glasgow.

And what did I do while I was not eating? See my weekend in Glasgow.


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