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A Weekend in Glasgow

Last updated on December 29, 2018

So I have a friend who got accepted into Hogwar.. University of Glasgow. I actually meant to visit her in autumn already, but as I wrote earlier, I made a life-changing decision to get cats and couldn’t leave them because they are such poor suckers and my motherly instinct told me to stay home even if my whole rest of body was crying to leave. If you want to read about this identity crisis, you can find it here: Cancelled Travels Cause Heartache. Anyway, I finally got around to spending a weekend in Glasgow with my friend Anna-Kaisa. Our plans? Cheap beer. What we did? Drank anything but beer. Life isn’t always what you’ve planned! This time I will tell you how I felt the city, how did my trip to Hogwarts go and where and what I drank. The most important stuff is to come: food. We ate at some really cool places and they deserve a post of their own!


Many know I am a massive Harry Potter fan. Though I’m not  the type of person who would be amazed by drafty stone castles and unis, I still like to look at them for a while. I’m not good with any sights (I pass them, make a mental note Done, Check, Seen it, and continue) and I hate tourists, despite being one of them. This blog has forced me to really look around and find things to photograph and even take pictures of myself.

University of Glasgow is open for public where you can just go wandering around, take pictures, put up a pole and photograph poledancing. Yes, this was going on when we were there. It’s a pretty area, really good for photos espesially in good weather. Luckily I had a tour guide who straight away took me to the inner yard where best pictures are taken. We spent probably 30mins inside the area. Not too many people there even though it was a Saturday morning and that positively surprised me: the photos look better without crowds.

A Weekend in Glasgow

University of Glasgow is probably the most known sight of Glasgow. Is there anything else? ‘Cos I don’t know about anything else. The trip and walk up the hill is worth a visit for sure!


A Weekend in Glasgow

We had a birthday party to attend and so we headed to Grosnevor Café’s upstairs. The place was lovely, seemed like a cool place but the music was too loud for me. The set out was pubbish but the music on night club volume? Didn’t make sense to me. We had even looked at the menu beforehand and I was really excited about their vegetarian options but the loudness of the music was so unappertising that we couldn’t eat there. For food, I definitely recommend to go check the place out during the day! And if your ears are not as sensitive as mine, you’ll love the place during evening time too.

A Weekend in Glasgow

I did actually try a local brewery’s beer! Brewdog’s Elvis Juice is just what I look for in a beer: doesn’t taste of beer.


I would actually. I must admit, I’m not in love with the city, but there are some really good memories that I am taking home with me. For example, I visited the city centre rather briefly but managed to find (with a help of a local) some really cool stuff like a real self-help book that I could’ve written  myself as I already live that way, some amazing age-related birthday cards for my friends for years to come, and Cards Against Humanity UK edition. All in all, a successful weekend in Glasgow!

A Weekend in Glasgow

The city quite obviously has two sides to it: the city centre and the Uni side. I stayed in the Uni side most of the time and I liked it. We spoke with my friend that Glasgow is much like my home city in Finland: might not impress you immediately but once you open your mouth and meet locals, the city grows on you. For this I think I need more than 3 days, but hopefully I’ll be back next year to soak in some more atmosphere.

Local´s tips for locations: West End and Argyle Street. West End being busier and Argyle Street full of pubs, bars and restaurants of all sorts. You can find places like Ashton Lane ja Òran Mór in West End.

A Weekend in GlasgowAshton Lane

A Weekend in Glasgow Glasgow City Centre

Where did I stay? Devoncove Hotel, 931 Sauchiehall Street. For location, perfect for me. Room was spacious and tidy, water in shower was warm and the bed was sleepable. Not the best though. First floor has quite much noise from the street. Perfect for my purposes and cheapest at the time of booking in the area.

A Weekend in Glasgow

A Weekend in Glasgow Her weekend in Glasgow is rather similar when everyone’s visiting – can you sense the excitement of Anna-Kaisa in the background?

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