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Tampere, Finland: Winter Wonderland

Last updated on February 19, 2019

Considering a holiday to Winter Wonderland? Want to experience winter in Finland? Tampere might be the perfect choise for anyone who wants culture, restaurants, cafés and pure nature in one holiday as easily accessible as possible. This is my hometown, covered in snow and people enjoying outdoors!

We have had the most beautiful winter in Finland and in Tampere! Don’t believe me? You’re more worried about The Beast from the East or The Siberian Bear? Let me assure you, Finns didn’t even notice the change in climate to -20C or even -25C, we went outside to enjoy it! Sun has been rising earlier and setting later – it seems the days have more hours and we can feel spring coming. But before spring, let’s enjoy winter in Finland!

So, what have I done and what could you do if you came here? Here’s my favorite things to experience during winter in Finland!

Winter wonderland


For someone who doesn’t have any gear for any sporty activities (and doesn’t want to rent any), there are the lakes and the forests. The empty space of the lakes welcomes you to enjoy sun, crisp air and piles of snow. You can skate, ski or if you’re on the northern lake Näsijärvi, you can have lunch here too! A few hundred meters from shore there is a lake café (open on weekends almost from sunrise to sunset) that sells sausages, doughnuts and hot coffee/tea/juice. Btw, after walking on water, try turning water to wine. I couldn’t do it but who knows, maybe you can!

Another way to enjoy the lakes is to dip in them! Rauhaniemi Sauna provides the perfect setting for you to experience the freezing cold waters from a burning hot sauna.

Winter in Finland
Winter in Finland
Winter in Finland

Downhill skiing

Sappee, the closest bigger ski resort, is a 45-min drive away from Tampere. There is even a bigger one an hour’s drive away, Himos, but I have saved that one for later in spring so I will go there in a few weeks. Anyway, for now I can share my love for downhill skiing with pictures from Sappee Ski Resort! There are 7 big slopes and that is enough for 2-3 hours in my opinion.

If you want to go downhill skiing for the whole day, try Himos. Though trust me, if you’re a beginner, these 7 big slopes and many smaller ones are enough for you! I hadn’t downhill skiied for closer to 10 years before this winter. Even though I used to be really really good at it, it did take me the first hour to get the feel back. If you’re a beginner, you might not even make it to the big slopes. Sappee also rents equipment so don’t worry if you don’t have your own!

Pro tip: go to Sappee on a Tuesday when the slopes are 4,5 €/hour and equipment is the same per equipment (not during Finnish school holidays). The money you save can easily be spent in the café down the slopes! Hot chocolate is my absolute favorite during this sport 😉

winter in finland
Winter in Finland
Winter in Finland

Cross-country skiing

One of the most traditional winter sports in Finland is cross-country skiing. People used to ski to school and everywhere: when there is no road maintenance (or roads..) it is easier to ski through a forest than to walk. Nowadays skiing is not necessary in transporting yourself from one place to another but it is a really good way to enjoy outdoors and get good excercise. I like to ski on a lake but if the weather is too windy, trees provide cover from wind hitting your face.

Winter in Finland
Winter in Finland

Ice Skating with Little Myy

You probably won’t get the chance to ice skate with Little Myy while you’re here, but who knows maybe you’ll be lucky! Ice skating in general is sooo much fun when you’re not falling. Which I didn’t do once! It’s been longer since my ice skating career than my downhill skiing career so really, I was surprised I survived without bruising.

Winter Wonderland
It’s not every day I get to ice skate with Little Myy but when I do, I get starstruck
Winter wonderland
As you can see, I’m not too confident ice skating 😀
Winter wonderland
But it sure is fun!

Is there anything else to experience during winter in Finland? Well, this weekend I will be going on a HUSKY PICNIC (COULD I BE MORE EXCITED I DON’T THINK SO). And before Easter I will go downhill skiing to the bigger ski resort Himos. I will share my photos from these activities next week!

If you’re coming here in some other season, read what is Tampere like in general: Between two lakes: Tampere, Finland. Or go to my previous post Magical Winter Nights.

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