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The Magic of Winter Nights

Last updated on February 19, 2019

Finland has been blessed with an amazing winter this year and I have not been able to stay indoors even at night time. But I have had so many good reasons to go out after dark! To show you what makes our winter magical here in Tampere, here’s my favorite places from the past month.

Pyhäpolku (Holy Trail)

There has been this Holy Trail during two winters now in the woods of western Tampere. It’s free, it’s for everyone, and it’s the most magical place I have been to in my hometown. This year (2018) it is open 4.2.-19.3., who knows next year?

How to get here: leave your car to address Tuohikorventie 27B, 33340 Tampere. From there you can follow Pyhäpolku signs. By bus: bus number 25 goes closest. Bus stop name is Ikurintie 47 and from there you only need to walk 220 m. Bus driver and people around you will probably give you directions! But I wouldn’t count on there being people at night time!

Pro tip: go at night or earliest 9pm. You are almost guaranteed a private trip. And then, if ever, you can feel the magic. The video is taken at 7:30 pm but you can imagine how it is alone!

Winter wonderland
Winter wonderland
Winter wonderland
There is even a photo spot made of ice!
Winter wonderland

Moomin Museum Midwinter

Man, oh man! If this doesn’t become a tradition I’m bummed. I queued for Moomin meet & greet for 30 mins with just kids around me (I know right, Heli 25 y/o). Then I had Finnish pancakes while listening to Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra live. The trees were lit purple, the sun had set long ago and the crispy air made me jiggle my frozen toes. There was magic in the air!

Winter wonderland
Picture taken once again by the amazing Laura Vanzo, as is header image too<3
Winter wonderland

Oh, did I mention I ice skated with Little Myy? I’ll tell you about that in my next post where I tell you about my favorite winter activities!

The Dark Lakes

Before I finish my story of the magical winter nights, a little throwback to the magic of winter two years ago: Rauhaniemi Sauna ice dipping. I was so lucky to be able to participate in the St. Patrick’s Day photoshoot 2016.

This was the first time ever that St. Patrick’s greening happened in Tampere and Rauhaniemi Sauna seemed to be in green flames. Though the sauna isn’t always dressed in green, it is public and in these dark winter nights you can go ice dipping in the mysterious waters of lake Näsijärvi.

Photo by Jeff McCarthy / Visit Tampere Photo Bank
I’m the second person from right, smiling so widely! Photo by Jeff McCarthy / Visit Tampere Photo Bank

Have you found a city/town/place on Earth with your favorite magical winter nights?

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