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7 Days of Detox

Last updated on December 29, 2018

Juices and vegetable soups – that’s what my 7 day detox was made of. Now that I’m eating bread and have coffee in front of me I’m happy again but the detox week was not the easiest to go through. I felt completely powerless and tired and hungry 24/7.

detox juicesDuring my gluten-free, dairy-free and meat-free week I became a hard core juicer!

Here’s how my detox week went

Day 1: Oh wow! It’s not too bad! Still eating salads with beans and chickpeas and good vegetable soups with coconut milk. Yam!

Morning detox drink:
1 lemon
2 apples
1 cucumber

detox juice

Day 2: Hmmm I wonder why my cats’ food (very meaty) is starting to smell good…

Day 3: This detox thing sucks. Last day of solid food, trying to enjoy.

How to make your salad hearty vegan way:
Add chickpeas, kidney beans, white beans. Roasted nuts and seeds also add another level of yamminess to your salad!

Day 4: Starting all juice diet. Excited, tired, scared and cold.

Day 5: At times I feel amazing! Other times I just want to drive to McDonald’s.

Instead of McDonald’s, have a yammy drink!
2,5″ sweet potato
1 apple
1 orange
1 pear

detox juice

Day 6: Sick of these juices, I need FOOD.

Day 7: I survived! I’m still breathing! So happy to have food again!! And coffee! Overly excited about everything! Life is amazing!

All in all my detox went well but I wouldn’t do it again anytime soon. It did give me a feeling of energy and wellness, but it also gave me a runny nose since the flue my body had been fighting was let loose with all the toxins leaving my body. The flue has lasted for a week and there’s no end in sight.

detox flu

What do you need to remember if you want to detox safely?

  • Drink minimum 2 litres of water per day
  • Eat/drink juice every 2-2,5 hours to maintain your blood sugar levels without it dropping too low.
  • Remain high spirited. You will get fed again soon or in a few days, just bear with it…
  • If you feel bad, eat something. The detox is meant to make you feel good, not bad. I had a smoothie when feeling really bad.
  • Try to go out for 30-60 minute walks. It does wonders for the toxins leaving your body!


champagne tampereCelebrating the end of detox at Champagne Bar Santé in Tampere, Finland. Photo: Laura Vanzo.


Btw, if going on a full detox feels like too much to handle, see how I eat on a regular basis to avoid being bloated: Recipe to a healthy life.

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