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Travel Plans 2018

Last updated on December 29, 2018

Are you also addicted to travelling? So bad you need to have flights booked always? I am, and I am not even ashamed to admit it. I need flights in my pocket to be happy!

At the moment the flights I’ve already bought are…
Amsterdam 26.4.-2.5. for my birthday. I plan to do nothing but eat cheese and drink red wine and try to make my Philippina friends to cook for me.

The friend who WILL cook for me

The cheese I WILL be eating

Paris 17.-22.8. for a romantic getaway with my favourite and most trusted travel companion Mira. Obviously two trips in a year is not enough, I mean who survives just staying in their home country?

She hates this picture of us in London, September 2017. I am using it anyway.

Hence I am also going to…
London & Scotland and possibly Ireland on the same trip if budget holds (hahahaha what a joke!) in late-May or early-June, depending on my friend’s exams.
Aaaand to keep things interesting I might go on a retiree bus trip to Russia, Kivennapa to be exact. That’s where my father’s side of family is from originally, from Karelia that was lost to Russia in Second World War. And I also need to plan a St. Petersburg visa free trip for me and my grandma in case we go there in the autumn.

But hey, that’s all! For now 😉

Here’s something no one should ever see: me in Paris in 2008, 16 years of age. Eating a baguette and drinking cola. What??

I had a minor brain malfunction when I saw this photo. The girl with sunglasses is the one I’m going to see in Scotland! She lived just 45 mins from my home, but we met in Oxford when we were 16 years old.

What’s your travel plans for 2018? I assume everyone has some.


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