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WARNING! Christmas addict on the move

Last updated on December 29, 2018

I love Christmas. And I mean to a point it’s not healthy anymore.

Tampere Christmas Market

I visit all Christmas events in town. Christmas Market at least 3 times, and I always need to go when it closes to hear the declaration of Christmas peace – a tradition I absolutely adore, it calms the Christmas festive season to a family holiday. Tampere Christmas Market is the best Christmas Market in Finland. Big, yet not too crowdy. Helsinki has a bigger one but obviously there are more people there. In Tampere we have local handicrafts, sweets and foods on offer in the Christmas Market and many German stands too. German sausages, chestnuts and glühwein can be found here! Of course my favourite is glühwein.

Stable Yards Christmas

To Stable Yards Christmas I go with my friend and her family of 2. Stable Yards is a little area with old stables that have been turned into a Chocolate Shop, a café and many local design boutiques. During Christmas there is also a Christmas Market in the old stable with some sheep and outdoors there are donkeys, an old-time carousel, pony rides and horse carriage rides. We go for the horse carriage because we can all be there and it goes around the yard of Finlayson Palace which is beautiful. Stable Yards Christmas is way calmer so for families with small kids the perfect place – this is why we go here with my friend. The kids can run around and we don’t need to worry about losing them (too much) and they enjoy it more when there are not that many people looking at the animals and the queues are almost non-existant. And for us adults, of course we always find something to buy. If not from the Christmas Market then from the Chocolate Shop.

Stable Yards

This donkey is Ukko, and he loves kids!

Finnish Christmas buffet in Vaihmalan Hovi

Every year I also go to a traditional Christmas lunch somewhere in Tampere Region. This year I went to Vaihmalan Hovi in Lempäälä, just 20 minutes outside of Tampere city centre by car. And it was amazing, the best Christmas buffet lunch I’ve had so far (except my mom’s Christmas table). The price is 28,90 € which is a good price for a Christmas buffet. But if you think it’s too pricy for you, or you don’t have a car and don’t want to find out how the buses go, go to Ikea! Surprisingly their Christmas buffet is really good and only 15 €!

Vaihmalan Hovi main building

Dining room in Vaihmalan Hovi has beautiful lake views

The Christmas buffet is traditional and very well made!

And after you’ve eaten, upstairs shop is full of amazing Christmas decorations!

Easy Christmas shopping in Tampere

My budget for Christmas presents never holds and I am dying of hunger until March. And even if I promise myself to do better next year, I never keep that promise.

I have gotten better with my budget by making World’s greatest bread for many as a present (add Christmas fudge, coffee, tea and/or honey on the side and you will have yourself the most amazing Christmas gift to give to a friend).

My last Christmas shopping I try to do in peace: I go to Mokkamestarit to buy amazing coffee, Uhana Design for some local design and – may I say – the best looking earrings and funniest design you’ll find in Finland. And since it is so convenient that there is a triangle of shops on the same street, I print some paper photos every year of my family’s year that I give to everyone for us to go through together on Christmas Eve.

Uhana Design Flagship store can be found on Verkatehtaankatu 8, Tampere, Finland, but you can also visit their webstore at Weecos.


As I can’t get enough of Christmas, in my next post I will tell you how most families in Finland spend their Christmas traditionally.

Merry Christmas to you all!

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