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SNOW is what makes Christmas!

Last updated on December 29, 2018


I don’t know if you know, but climate change has hit southern Finland hard and we’ve lost our for-sure-there-will-be-a-white-Christmas town. Still, there is a week to go before it’s Christmas Eve so I can not trust it, but it feels good when there is a proper blizzard! We have snow up to our ears at the moment and it is soooo beautiful outside. I wanted to share this happiness with you!

My “backyard” park is a winter wonderland. Even bare trees and ugly buildings look beautiful under snow!


Tampere countryside has even more snow, and the feeling driving around there is just amazing. I went to Teisko zipline and to eat rice porridge, can you imagine sliding through the air in this scenery? It was one of the coolest things I’ve done. Even cooler than skydiving ‘cos this time I wasn’t scared for my life. Except for a few seconds when I jumped off the 6-story tower. Then I did feel like I might die.

Rice porridge by open fire outdoors

The best thing about beautiful seasons of Finland is that even when you’re driving the roads you’ve driven all your life and know too well, you always see something different or new. For example during winter when there are no leaves at the trees, you can not even imagine how many “new” houses are to be seen in the forest. Just when you thought no one lives there, you see a community of houses! During summer they are hidden behind trees. So weird.

The scenery changes so much that there is always something beautiful around you. This time driving back home from the countryside I had to take my time and stop to take photos of the lake view, about 14km from Tampere city centre. I left my car on the parking lot of a small crocery store and went by the big road where there is no sidewalk. I got so many looks and terrified faces. As if I was doing something too dangerous? There was plenty of room for the cars to pass me perfectly safe. But the view was worth the looks!

Back to city centre. Thank god, we do have some snow left!

On my way to work the road was blocked by snow. Some people may be furious, but I just found it amazingly fun and went around it, knee deep in snow!

Happy feet!

I can’t wait to get my friend with her family, including my 2-year-old godson and his 3-year-old brother who looove Christmas, to all Christmas activities in Tampere! We’ll go to Stable Yards for an old time carousel, animals and sweets, Christmas Market for the hearing of Christmas peace (and glühwein, of course) and hopefully to some amazing café if we have time. Can’t wait! I’m as excited about Christmas as a kid would be, but it seems more approriate when there are actual kids around 😉

Until next post, which will be filled with Christmas Joy!


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