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My first blog post is about… ME!

Last updated on December 29, 2018

I believe people are not ment to keep their emotions, and other stuff that goes on in there, in. You need to let it out to maintain your sanity. Reasonable people pay someone to listen to them to get actual guidance, others open a travel blog and tell no one about it.

I’m Heli, a non-typical Finnish girl/supposed-to-be-a-woman according to my age. I live in the second biggest city of Finland which is also my original home town, Tampere. I say original because I feel like I have many hometowns around the glode. Some I’ve lived in, one I was born to, and one I was supposed to be born in. One day (read: next post) I will tell you all about them.


What’s with the Drama?

To tell something about the blog’s name Drama on the Road: I was on holiday with one of my best friends and she laughed the whole holiday through! “Why are you so dramatic?” “Stop being so dramatic.” “Heli, you don’t need to see everything so dramatically!” And I don’t think I do! I have big reactions that fade rather quickly. But I don’t think I’m overly dramatic, maybe just dramatic enough.

I do marketing for a living. I don’t really know what marketing is, but let’s not tell anyone. Never studied it, just got thrown into it. I do love the parts I understand! So I guess this is the right path for me. You never know what life throws at you, so I try my best not to get attached and just go with the flow. At the moment I feel danger getting closer because I do feel really attached to my colleagues and job. I have absolutely no idea what to do if this position ends for me. I do know that I need to move from Finland, there is nothing better I can find here. But this is not dramatic, right? It’s just a fact that I need to move to another country. Everyone thinks like this, right?

To stop babbling nonsense, here’s my lifestory in short:

  • born 1992 in Tampere, Finland
  • finished school years elementary to upper secondary 1999-2011
  • moved to Brisbane, Australia 2011-2012
  • started studying Tourism in Tampere University of Applied Sciences 2012-2016
  • exchange in Athlone, Ireland 2014
  • got a job at Visit Tampere, tourism organisation of Tampere 2015-2017
  • 1,5 months ago got a job at Business Tampere, Air transportation development programme marketing as project assistant

During these years (about 1994-2017) I’ve visited 30 countries, 4 continents, and lived in 3 countries. I’ve experienced pure love, excitement, culture shocks, boredom, and so so many new things. I’ve travelled with family, friends and alone. I’ve eaten too many marihuana cookies in Nimbin, gotten harrassed and scared in Casablanca, and found a piece of peace in a night market in Bangkok.

I love socialising, so please, tell me if at any point there’s anything you’d like to know. Chances are, I have embarrasing pictures of New Year’s 2012 in Brisbane or tips for a drunken night in Galway!

So, welcome aboard my travel blog! And remember, you can also find me from:
FB @DramaOnTheRoad
IG @dramaontheroad

travel blogPhoto by Laura Vanzo

Must mention: I use a lot of photos by Laura Vanzo, just because I can. Why invent the wheel again if there already are amazing pictures available? Laura is the most amazingly talented French photographer whom I am too lucky to have as a colleague and a friend. You can admire her work in IG @lauvanzo, @traveling_hat_girl and @VisitTampereOfficial! Seriously, this girl has too many projects.

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